Loon Lake Beach

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The Loon Lake Beach is a public beach that had undergone some major improvements and renovations in 2008/2009. The beach is well maintained and quite charming ( … in a quaint Adirondack way).

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The most recent major improvement is the new building for changing into swimsuits and restrooms for women and men (… and of course for kids too!). This addition is all the difference in the world to the beach (… big time!).

Before that there were just port-a-potties (… which will drive most people away!). The Town of Chester has made a wise decision in making this and other improvements to this Adirondack Beach.

Loon Lake boat launch

Next to the Loon Lake Beach there is the Town of Chester Loon Lake boat launch in the charming pond alongside. Some say it’s great for fishing! There is also a waterfall right there to release high water levels from the lake when needed.

There are vendors located at the beach for lunch, snacks, and ice-cream.

The view of Loon Lake from the beach is quite nice. It’s just a real relaxing place to be when spending the day with family, friends, or just to get away by yourself.

Several activities (summer carnival, swim lesions, boating/kayaking lesions, etc.) occur at the beach during the spring/summer/fall season.

Across the street from the beach there are camping/RV/trailer sites available. Also, there are facilities for horseback riding, 4-wheeling, (and snowmobile rentals during the winter).

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A couple of years ago I may not have recommended this beach, but I certainly do now! … and a great added benefit for us is that it is only 2 miles from our vacation chalet at Loon Lake!

Loon Lake beach - 3

If you are in the area, I recommend that you stop by to check it out!

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Loon Lake Beach

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