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Are you a train buff and love to ride the rails? If so, the Saratoga and North Creek Railway is something you’ll definitely want to experience.

It’s a great way to sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Adirondacks!

After over 50 years without railroad passenger service, the route between Saratoga and North Creek reopened in 2011 allowing people once again to see the beauty of the Adirondacks along the Upper Hudson River.

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We took this trip and we were thrilled that we did! We can only imagine what the scenery will look like during the fall foliage season (... Autumn in the Adirondack Mountains with the leaves at their peak is stunning!).

We took the train round trip from the Saratoga station, but you can do the same from the North Creek station. To get an up-to-date schedule and much more information, visit their web site or call 1-877-726-7245.

Another thing that makes the Saratoga and North Creek Railway so exciting is that it reopens a much appreciated relationship for people with the Adirondack Mountains and beyond. Not only for people visiting the Adirondacks, but also those who live in the remote quaint Adirondack towns and wish to travel to Saratoga to work, shop or dine (… or go to the Saratoga thoroughbred race track!).

Vacationers to the area don’t need to drive all the way to Saratoga to catch the train either. The Saratoga station is right on the Amtrak route and it’s a good way to see the Adirondacks without the headache of driving the New York State Thruway or Northway. The Saratoga and North Creek Railway is conveniently scheduled so that the trip is definitely doable to take the train in New York City or Albany and get there in plenty of time to catch the train to North Creek.

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We were excited to begin our trip from the beautiful Saratoga Train Station and were surprised at the number of people in the dome car, which was built in 1954. We later learned that this car once made many trips between Chicago and Los Angeles on the El Capitan Super Chief train.

When we got to our seats we were impressed with the linen table cloths, silverware, china and the plush seating.

The wait staff was very courteous & helpful with questions we had about our upcoming trip. The conductor even went around to each table to talk with the passengers.

The morning train serves breakfast, which we didn’t take advantage of, but did get a great cup of coffee. The prices on the menu are very reasonable.

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Once the train started to move we were traveling at a speed averaging 30 mph. There are several flag stops along the route. Corinth, Hadley-Luzerne, Stony Creek, Thurman, Glen Hudson Campground, the Glen and Riparius-Riverside. We only stopped at these stations if passengers were getting off or on the train.

While the train meandered though some of these quaint towns and villages we passed by houses with people out in their yards excitingly waving as the train passed by. As we traveled by the Glen Hudson Campground we even had people tubing on the Hudson River giving us thumbs up!

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The scenery along the Hudson was just magnificent. The rivers trees and massive boulders along its banks, rolling hills and opened fields lined with wild flowers, marvelous mountains and several beautifully maintained golf courses where a beautiful sight along the route.

We arrived at North Creek by noon. There were several people awaiting the passengers to help direct you to the museum, quaint shops, restaurants, tours and to answer other questions you might have of the area.

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There are many restaurants to eat but we headed over to the Copper Field Inn (… one of our favorites) and had a delicious lunch at the Trappers Tavern.

We then walked around the village to check out a couple of the shops and headed over to the Tannery Pond, their community center, and enjoyed the display of water color paintings by, Tom Ryan, a local artist. Before we knew it, it was time to board the train by 3:45 pm to head back to Saratoga.

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On our return trip lunch was served (… if you didn’t take advantage of eating in North Creek). The choices on the menu consisted of an appetizer, salads, hot & cold sandwiches, desserts and several beverages. The ride back was very relaxing and scenic as well.

We arrived shortly before 6 pm in Saratoga. We truly enjoyed this breath-taking scenic ride along the upper Hudson River in the dome car. We are excited about boarding again, this time to enjoy the beauty of the fall colors.

If you are vacationing in the Adirondacks or just want to spend a relaxing scenic day trip from Albany, points west of Albany, New York City, or Montreal, we highly recommend the Saratoga and North Creek Railway.

Wonderful train ride!

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